Welcome to the Scripps College Computer Art Archive, originally a database of over 1200 images created by students during the early years of the Scripps College Digital Art Program --1990-1998 -- we now have archived much of the student work from 2000-2018 totaling over 700 websites designed by the students.

In 1990, I established the Scripps College Digital Art Program within the studio art department at Scripps. When this program began we were housed in a technical teaching classroom that was outfitted with 15 IBM PC’s and we worked on the 3 Macintosh computers located in the center of the room. Since 1995 the Digital Art Program has been located in the Millard Sheets Art Complex and occupies a large classroom equipped with 10 state-of-the-art Macintosh computers and numerous peripheral devices.

Up until 1996, all of the students’ work was archived onto 44/88MB syquest disks or CD ROM. With the advent of the internet and the explosion of web access, we began to create class websites for sharing student work across the net. This database includes images from the class websites showcasing their final projects.

The program has doubled in size and there is always a long waiting list for classes. In 1999 Professor Tran,T. Kim-Trang joined the department. Her expertise in motion graphics, digital video and web animation has enabled us to create a very strong program in the department of art and the media studies program at Scripps that allows us to work digitally with photography, film, video and print.

The curriculum, too, has evolved in response to student interest, software development and market demands. Where we once relied upon simple imaging software programs like CricketDraw and SuperPaint for creating digital images, we now work with sophisticated state-of-the-art and commercially viable software in the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and InDesign.

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Professor Nancy Macko
Scripps Digital Art Program

This project could not have been completed without support and assistance from the following agency and individuals: The Mellon Fund for Small Projects, Jan Blair, Anne Fonnet, Weston Norton, Patrick Runco, Jessica Dennis and Kimberly Yap.