Introduction to Digital Art 141, Sec 2

Visiting Lecturer Maura Murnane — Spring Semester — 2018

Scripps College, Claremont

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Project Descriptions

Project 01: Desktop as Landscape. Take a screenshot of your entire computer desktop. Then, find an image of a painting/drawing from the pre-digital era. The assignment is to totally re-build the artwork using only pixels from the screenshot image and basic photoshop tools of cut/copy, paste, and transform.

Project 02: Typography/Neologism. Design a new word, it's definition and an example sentence. Typeset that word into (8) 6x6 compositions using only one pair of typefaces from a provided list. Convey meaning through spacing and emphasis, harmony, rhythm, and other formal qualities.

Project 03: Vanitas/Still Life Image. Choose an array of related objects for a still life image. Option to reference Dutch Vanitas paintings and Photorealist images from the 1970s, as well as contemporary computer art. Integrate painted and photographic forms and learn how to make realistic shadows, as well as learning to use the pen tool to make exact selections.

Project 04: Beauty/Avatar Image. Bring a photograph of yourself/a volunteer to class, taken on a plain background with even lighting. Use Photoshop to 'correct' the portrait according to your interpretation of contemporary beauty standards. Then take a photo of the same subject and transform it into a digital entity of your choosing.

Project 05: Animated Gifs. Explore motion and time in a wide range of gifs: video-based, animation-based, typographic, and so on. Optimize them for viewing online.

Project 06: Final Project. Design a series of images around skills we have learned this semester: additive/subtractive compositions, typography and design, animation, or simply aesthetic explorations on a theme.